Andrea Sisson is a multidisciplinary artist creating film, photography/imagery, & multidisciplinary works. She works in fine-art & editorial photography/imagery, art film & video, and extends her work into installation, object, & performance-based projects. Andrea is a J. WILLIAM FULBRIGHT SCHOLAR GRANT recipient, a 2013 Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Face of Independent Film, and her work has been shown online and offline in places like the São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, & NOWNESS. Andrea’s work explores the intersections between performance & imagery; between linear & experimental storytelling, often involving themes of identity, absurd realism, satirical fashion, feminism & a surreal sense of humor - with a trade-mark in color & post-color painting treatments. She’s the co-director/co-creator of, I Send You This Place & the in-progress, Everything Beautiful is Far Awayan art-based, pop-art sci-fi currently in post-production (with Julia Garner & Joseph Cross). Andrea is heavily involved in the overall creation, production, & output of the project (including installation-involved exhibitions). 

Andrea began her career with a BA in Fashion Design & a CFDA Honorable Mention for her 2009/2010 conceptual portfolio. From 2009 - 2010, she designed for Iceland-based, fashion & object designer-artist SRULI RECHT, and in 2010 after acclaim for her wearable-instrument, audio-design thesis & installation performance at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, she was awarded a 2010 J. WILLIAM FULBRIGHT SCHOLAR GRANT for academia & design. With the fellowship, Andrea co-directed/created the poetic, Iceland-based documentary, I Send You This Place, - a hybrid fiction/non-fiction piece involving themes of mental illness with repeat collaborator Pete Ohs. The film garnered a New York Times Review, Andrea quickly became part of the auteur filmmakers & video artists stemming from New York City, and in 2013, Andrea was selected for Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film 2013. Her work has been shown around the world including Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Museum of Image and Sound Sao Paulo Brazil, VAEFF NYC, & OFFF Barcelona, and Dallas Contemporary. Along with her own practice, Andrea is 1/2 of the studio post-identity collaboration - studio (formally, Lauren-Edward). Andrea is based in New York & Los Angeles and travels often for projects; staying and living for stints of time in different locations depending on project needs, current creative or cultural movements & atmospheres, and to work with collaborators in varying creative communities. 

"Andrea's interest in video art makers her [still photography] works particularly narrative and stirs the viewer with themes of identity, absurd realism, and social commentary.
Andrea gives seed meaning to work with color, what creates her special signature." - Thisispaper

"It’s actually pretty misleading to solely label Andrea Sisson a filmmaker. The woman has her hands in multiple mediums, from photographing L.A. Eastside fashion labels and designing a wearable violin-inspired instrument to the set design she takes pride in on each new film project. She’s more of a conceptual mastermind than the classic writer-producer-director combination typically residing in the Hollywood hills. What I found was a very assured and kindred artist who wasn’t letting film set expectations or artistic labels define her." - The Dreslyn, LA

"I SEND YOU THIS PLACE' (2012) / FEATURE DOCUMENTARY, Diary of mental illness shot in Iceland


Opening Ceremony
Dallas Contemporary
IFP - Independent Filmmakers Project, NYC
CAC - Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center
VAEFF - Video Arts & Experimental Film Festival, NYC
OFFF Barcelona
i-D Magazine
Filmmaker Magazine
The Ace Hotel (LA)
Absurdest Stylist Jake Levy
Absurdest Stylist Michelle Andrews
Sissy Sainte Marie
Choreographer Ryan Heffington
Coeval Magazine
Bright Ideas Magazine
United Talent Agency
Viacom / MTV World
She Does Podcast
St. Johns Knits
Objects Without Meaning (CA)
Shan Huq (NYC DIY fashion) 
Shiaina Mote (CA)
Jesse Kamm (CA)
The Dreslyn (CA) 
Kieley Kimmel (CA) 
DEGEN KNITS (Brooklyn)
Bryce Dessner & NowMusic
Music Producer Valgeir Sigurðsson
Neon Indian
Bedroom Community (IS)
Amiina (IS)
Baby Alpaca
Sruli Recht




2013: Filmmaker Magazine 25 New Faces of Independent Film of 2015
2013: IFP Independent-Film Market Invitation & Participant

2010: J. WILLIAM FULBRIGHT SCHOLAR GRANT, Academia, Art & Design
2009: CFDA Design Honorable Mention, Student Portfolio


2016: Performance-Art Commission & Development Residency / Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio – March 2016 / performance included in 2016 performance program

2016: Bright Ideas Magazine, photography commission / print publication – January 25, 2016

2015: RISD Guest Lecturer & Critic / Providence, Rhode Island – Lecture: November 17, 2015; Critique: December 8, 2015 / Visiting lecturer & critic for photography & video course, "ISSUES & IMAGES II" with artist/Instructor Sheida Soleimani

2015: VAEFF Video Art & Experimental Film Festival / Tribecca Cinemas, New York City - November 12-14, 2015 / Group exhibition screening + symposium, "TV Time”

2015: Expanded Cinema via Dallas Contemporary / Dallas, Texas - October 25, 2015 / Video-Art commission for group exhibition on large-scale projection, "What My Parents Told Me". 

2015: 1000 Forms of Fear Triptych / Museum of Image and Sound, Sao Paulo, Brazil - June 6-7, 2015 / Group exhibition created by Sia and Daniel Askill, "Do The Chandelier”

2015: SOUVENIRS FROM EARTH, SFE ART TV / video loop installation at Palais de Tokyo, Paris & international broadcast on ARTE, CNN and BBC in France & Germany - 2013 to Present / Pieces included - “Do the Chandelier”, “Blue Mountains”, “Anthemoessa”, “OFFF Cincinnati Titles”, “Puzzle Muteson - En Garde”

2015: Thisispaper, online publication/ Photography story “Give Yourself Credit” - Autumn 2015

2015: She Does Podcast artist guest / Interview & guest artist on independent arts & culture podcast – Autumn 2015

2015: AC Hotel Miami / Miami Beach, FL - June 7 2015 / Panel & symposium participant & guest

2015: "Unseen Films" / Bushwick, New York - April 2015 / Solo exhibition & screening, “I Send You This Place”

2014: Nowness Presents “Do The Chandelier / online arts & culture publication – November 2014 / video collaboration commission with Choreographer Ryan Heffington

2014: The Time is Now - ACE Hotel / Ace Hotel Los Angeles, California - October 2014 / Solo exhibition of film + performance piece, "We Found Footage" collaboration film

2014: Marfa Film Festival / Marfa, TX - October 2014 / Group exhibition & screening, "The Vision Quest" collaborative film

2013: VAEFF, Video Art & Experimental Film Festival / Tribecca Cinemas, New York City - February 9, 2013 / Group exhibition & solo closing night showcase + symposium, “I Send You This Place” / panel with PS1 founder Alanna Heiss

2013: ReRun Theatre / New York City - June 2013 / Week-long Theatrical Run + symposium of “I Send You This Place”

2013: Emery Theater & Art Space / Cincinnati, Ohio - November 2013 / Group Installation. Double-panel installation of “I Send You This Place” film segments + solo screening exhibition evening + symposium

2012: Full Frame Documentary Film Festival / Raleigh, NC - April 2012 / Official Selection, “I Send You This Place” + symposium

2012: Reykjavik International Film Festival / Reykjavik, Iceland - October 2012 / Official Selection, “I Send You This Place” +  symposium

2012: OFFF Barcelona / Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio - September 2012 / Commissioned collaborative film for group exhibition & screening + lecture for OFFF – Barcelona based media & arts festival

2012: TEDx “I Send You This Talk” / Cincinnati, Ohio - Autumn 2012 / Presentation on topics of the hybrid-film, “I Send You This Place”

2011: Gamli Skóli, Old School Arthouse Residency / Hrisey, Iceland - March 2011

2010: Fulbright Fellowship / Reykjavik, Iceland – Autumn 2010 to Autumn 2011 

2010: Contemporary Arts Center, "44" event / Cincinnati, Ohio - June 2010 / Solo Exhibition & Installation


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Student Fashion Design Conversation (2010)





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