Still life of all physical work.
Instrument, chair, everything
Susan too
Portraiture busts

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Room & Installation





Large Tapestries

Printed sculpture / Large print on paper-backed canvas, installed on floor of a room
I. Found image (google, wealthy home)
size 44" x 44"
II. Image by iphone
size 44" x 58"
(photographs of installed images, size 34" x 45")

A project presenting a case-study of a human in 2017 – revealing the ever-present contradictions of human thought, opinion, and affectively, of life, and to illustrate this daily experiences of the 21st century human of multiplicity. The piece contains an installation, writing, imagery, and performance. The piece is also an attempt to combine the current understandings of the digital and analogue worlds – to begin, show, debate, and document a process of analog-ing a person’s plethora of digital data, information, and overall digital experience. In the piece I have large tapestries/backdrops/or facades printed showing pixelated google images of wealthy homes, stacks of papers in a place I call a “data room” (images and written diary, mental ramblings, and daily observations stacked in this “data room” for visitors to pick through), video of printers analog-ing digital content, and a pseudo lecture/performance reading the downloaded “data” and writings. All of this leads to a discussion of our contemporary reality and daily experiences, and subsequently, into a discussion of “what exactly IS our current reality” in many aspects. It is a project where I play the part of both the artist-scientist-researcher and also the subject under study.  I have a current interest of “paintings from robots” looking at the digitization of images online and then printed as is, resulting in something resembling a very impressionistic digital interpretations of the original image – an image that has been fed through a robot, compressed, digitized, compressed, then printed as is. I am also currently interested in experimental/experiential installation spaces and a language/poetics of the 21st century. I also have a naïve attempt to make work that feels like everything, like life today in the contemporary chaos of 2017. Video of performance and more documentation to come.