A project where I print out every Wonder Woman screenshot from my phone and computer. A video /

performance with the attempt to analogue my (the) digital experience - creating analogue images from

the heaps of digital data we keep on our phones an computers. An attempt to “combine” the analogue

and digital worlds. The performance & video show this process. The result - something comes

off aesthetically absurd and ironic in a humbling way. It shows our digital data in physical amounts.

There are themes of obsession, collection, and the acquiring of “the image” - and the ideas and images

we seem to deeply acquire, albeit images on our screens. There is an idea of archiving the digital

experience. Subtle commentary on the impact of “the image” in our culture.


“I’m an 8 year old girl printing out Wonder Woman on my mothers computer.

I look up Wonder Woman on my computer the night after I see the film and all the next day – actually

this is what I do for a few nights in a row. Before bed I look up images and I watch every interview - interviews

on Ellen, fan club recaps. I take screenshots of everything. I am giddy like a child. No policing

of my new obsession. Just Windhorse and Wonderlust”.

In the video or during a screening performance, I may or may not read through a diary reflection of ten

pages written the night and day after seeing “Wonder Woman” the film.


Performative video to come