Explanations on the film "I Send You This Place"

Link to film trailer here: https://vimeo.com/31977012
Film website here with all official info & materials: http://laurenedward.com/I-SEND-YOU-THIS-PLACE
Also http://www.andreasisson.com/feature-film-i/


Process notes on the un-made project

Self-theorizations aka "Unstudied theories things I think but nothing I know"

Hello, World!



"The Face At The Edge Of The Aqueduct With Water For A Mouth"

Short Story

Hello, World!

I have always seen art as a research process and artists as researchers... Deciding to be a research artist isn’t a tendency or a fashion; its not a curatorial strategy to display things in a space, but a way to see your responsibility in the practice of art and your role as an artist in society… That’s what I feel is our biggest challenge as artists; to be an active part of the creation of a different society.
— Tania Bruguera, Akademie X
I’m not a photographer. I’m an artist who uses photography when the idea dictates. And I think that’s okay because I’m also a performance artist who makes objects, or I’m an object-maker who does performances. I think these labels are less important than the ability to go in the directions I’d like for each work.
— Martin Kersels




My Fake Resume